Get A Dental Implant In Less Time [VIDEO]

Having a dental implant placed can be a long, drawn-out process. In many other practices, it can be months between the time you have a tooth extracted and an implant placed — and then another several months before you can have it restored!

But at Beaumont Family Dentistry, we combine the latest technology and good old-fashioned expertise to shorten the process when possible. We can actually place a dental implant the same day your tooth is extracted, which cuts down on the time it takes to replace your tooth!

“If the circumstances are right, we are able to remove a tooth atraumatically and get an implant in there, and most patients aren’t feeling too much post-op pain,” Dr. Miller said. “When we remove a tooth, if the circumstances are right, we are able to place an implant into that area and let you heal and go home instead of three and four months down road, placing an implant.”

Watch this video to learn more about our approach to dental implant placement. Then, if you’re exploring teeth replacement options in Lexington, KY, give us a call at the location nearest you!