Get a Straight Smile Before the Holidays [blog]

When you look in the mirror, do your crooked teeth disappoint you? Would you like to see a gorgeous straight smile in as little as four months? It’s possible using the technology of Fastbraces® in the skilled hands of Dr. Patricia Takacs and her team at Beaumont Family Dentistry.

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Meet Linda

Let us introduce you to Linda. She is your average, working woman with the normal concerns of everyday life.

There’s one thing about Linda you should know – she comes from a large, close-knit family. The entire bunch of them always gathers for the holidays at their grandparents’ home in the scenic hills of eastern Kentucky.

As tight and loving as her family is, there is always the inevitable comparisons about how much each of them has accomplished over the previous year. They do quite a bit of good-natured boasting about how good life is and about how things are going so well.

Linda has a great career that she’s proud of, and she usually brags about it a little. But one thing she’s always been self-conscious of, even around her family, is her crooked teeth. When she was a teenager, her family couldn’t afford for her to get braces, and she has always wanted a way to straighten them without a huge time investment.

The Quicker Way to Get an Even Smile

One day while chatting at work, a coworker happened to mention in passing how her husband was going to be fitted with Fastbraces® to straighten his crooked teeth.

Linda was intrigued. She had never heard of Fastbraces® before. She leaned in closely as her workmate explained how quickly they were going to straighten her husband’s teeth. She said that her husband’s dentist had told him that his treatment would only take a few months – not two years or longer like traditional braces would.

Linda had met her coworker’s husband before at the annual company picnic. She remembers seeing his teeth and thinking to herself how misaligned they were. He’d even had an overbite if she remembered correctly. And his dentist was going to correct that in just a few months?!

Fascinated, Linda got the name of the dentist. On her lunch break, she called Beaumont Family Dentistry and made an appointment for an orthodontic consultation. She met with Dr. Takacs, a Fastbraces® Senior Master Provider, who explained to her in detail how the Fastbraces® system works.

Dr. Takacs told Linda how this innovative approach, which has now been around for a quarter of a century, uses patented triangular brackets and a special heat-activated wire. The result is that Fastbraces® straightens your teeth’s crowns (the white part of the tooth above the gumline) and their roots at the same time – significantly shortening the treatment process.

While traditional braces work great, they straighten the crowns and the roots in separate phases, resulting in a treatment time that can take two years or more.  

Linda Gets Her New Smile

Linda was thrilled to hear all about Fastbraces®. She decided then and there to go ahead with treatment. Dr. Takacs and her team got the ball rolling for Linda. They took some X-rays and digital impressions of her mouth, then set up an appointment for her to come back in a few days to have her Fastbraces® put on.

Since she had never been a fan of sitting in a dentist’s chair, Linda took advantage of sedation during her Fastbraces® procedure. Her visit went smoothly and comfortably, and Linda was out of the office in no time

The best part of Linda’s story is that long before the holidays rolled around, she was able to look in the mirror, smile, and see a beautiful set of straight teeth!

Her Relatives Gush Over Her Appearance

She made the annual holiday trip to see her family and received compliment after compliment on her gorgeous new smile. Her relatives couldn’t believe that she had been able to straighten her teeth in such a short period of time!

Linda didn’t really want to let them in on her secret, but with a little coercing she decided to tell them about Fastbraces®. She went on and on about how comfortable and convenient wearing them was. She explained how Dr. Takacs and her team were wonderful to work with, always taking time to answer her questions and making her feel comfortable throughout her treatment.  

Linda was so glad that she had gone the Fastbraces® route for straightening her teeth. Whenever someone comments on her smile, she never hesitates to credit Fastbraces® and the Beaumont Family Dentistry team. Without them, she wouldn’t have the gorgeous smile she’s so proud of!

YOU can have a beautiful smile, too! If you’ve wanted a quick solution to get beautiful, straight rows of teeth, then Fastbraces® could be your answer. If you want to look you best for holiday gatherings, there’s plenty of time between now and the end of the year for you to straighten your teeth and be proud of your smile.

And if Fastbraces® isn’t for you, we have several other orthodontic options for you to choose from, including Invisalign and clear, ceramic braces.

But don’t wait! Call Beaumont Family Dentistry today at any of our three locations to get started on your beautiful, straight smile.