Find Your Happy Place With Fastbraces®

Getting braces is a difficult decision. You know it’s a good investment in the long run for the health and the appearance of your teeth.

You don’t really want to walk around with metal brackets and wires for years, but you don’t want to live with crooked teeth for the rest of your life, either. If only there was a way to get the same benefits as traditional braces in less time.

There is. They are called Fastbraces®, and that’s exactly what they are — fast braces!

At Beaumont Family Dentistry, we know our patients in and around Lexington want results they can see. Since we live in Kentucky, we also know our patients want orthodontics that work and are a good value.

If you or someone you love needs orthodontic treatment, talk to us about whether Fastbraces® will work for you.

Quit Hiding Your Smile

Crooked, crowded teeth and teeth that are misaligned in some other way can leave you feeling awkward in social situations.

We have had patients who were so embarrassed by their teeth, that they covered their mouths with their hands whenever they spoke. In all honesty, this is just as awkward (and maybe more so) than just letting people see your teeth.

We understand that you may not be happy with the way your teeth look. Every year, millions of people go through orthodontic treatments to fix problems with their teeth.

Your feelings are normal, and they are more common than you may realize.

If you are working adult, and you need to take a potential client out for business lunch. They may find it off-putting if every word you say is spoken from behind your napkin. Not only could this make it harder for them to understand you, they may become so distracted by your actions that they aren’t listening to what your are saying.

When you are confident about your teeth, you feel more confident about yourself, and that confidence will come through in how you present yourself and your company’s products or services.

Keep Calm And Smile

Think about other ways your teeth can affect your life.

When you are asked to pose for a picture, do you relax and act naturally? Or do you tense up knowing that people want to see you smile?

Considering how frequently people take pictures with their smartphones, and how often those pictures are loaded on social media sites, you know there are pictures of you on the Internet.

Do those pictures show you looking relaxed and having fun? Or do you appear to be uncomfortable?

You want to present the best version of yourself to others. It’s easier to do that when you aren’t so worried about how your teeth look.

Consider Your Options

If you have tooth alignment problems, orthodontics are the way to fix them permanently.

Mark Twain has been credited with saying, “I want to be in Kentucky when the end of the world comes because they are always 20 years behind.” Thankfully for our patients, that’s not true about orthodontics at Beaumont Family Dentistry.

One option is traditional braces. As long as they work, braces will be used by orthodontists and dentist to fix their patients’ teeth. The wires and brackets are an effective system if you are willing to wear them for two years or more.

But what if you can’t wear them for that long or you just don’t want to?

This is where Fastbraces® can help.

Fastbraces® also use wire wires and brackets to change the position of your teeth. The difference is the shape of the brackets

Traditional braces have square-shaped brackets, while Fastbraces® have unique triangular brackets instead. That might seem like a slight change, but it affects how the forces of your braces push and pull your teeth.

Traditional braces move your teeth in two stages. First they move the crowns of your teeth. Then they move the roots. This can take two years (or more) to complete)

Fastbraces® are able to move your crowns and your roots at the same time. This can reduce the amount of time that you wear braces in half, and sometimes even more than half, compared to traditional braces.

For most patients, Fastbraces® can do in 3 to 12 months what it would take years to finish with other braces.

Even if your treatment takes a full year with Fastbraces®, it still means another year that you won’t have to wear braces. It also means you have your straight teeth a full year earlier than you would with more standard orthodontic care.

Straighten Up

When you are ready to straighten your teeth, Fastbraces® can make that happen in less time than ever before. Talk to a dentist in one of our three offices in Lexington about which of our orthodontic options could work for you.

Contact any Beaumont Family Dentistry location or go to the individual office web page to make an appointment online.