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We have become a society that wants things done right now. We have smartphones that can give us directions wherever we want to go in an instant.

We can find out immediately about breaking news. We can even buy whatever we want without leaving our homes and have it delivered the next day.

Unfortunately, orthodontic treatments don’t work that way. We can’t just put something in your mouth that instantly fixes your crooked teeth or your overbite.

But we have come a long way. Traditional braces are still a tried and true solution for many people, but Fastbraces® can give you similar results in less time.

Fastbraces® are one of the many services we offer at all three Lexington offices of Beaumont Family Dentistry. Come talk to us if you would like to learn more about this innovative orthodontic treatment.

What are Fastbraces® ?

As the name implies, they are braces, but they work faster than traditional braces do.

Standard braces can take up to three years to straighten your teeth, but Fastbraces® can do the same thing, often in 12 months or less. (For some patients, Fastbraces® can work in as little as three months).

Both types of braces utilize brackets and wires. The difference is in how they reposition your teeth.

Traditional braces work in a two-step process. First, they move the crowns of your teeth (generally for about a year). Second, they move the roots of your teeth (which takes another year in many cases).

By comparison, Fastbraces® move your crowns and roots simultaneously. This makes them more efficient at giving you that straight smile. For many teenagers and adults, Fastbraces® can give them the results they want in less than half the time of traditional braces.

Fastbraces® use a triangular-shaped bracket where traditional braces use square brackets. Fastbraces® patented brackets are combined with high-tech wires to work quickly with minimal discomfort for the wearer.

We understand that no one wants to wear braces even though many times it is the best way to correct problems with their teeth. Fastbraces® provides a way to get the same benefits in much less time.

Whether you a working adult or a teenager, you’ll know Fastbraces® were worth it when you see the results after they are removed.

Who can use Fastbraces®?

The short answer is most teenagers over 13 and adults who have orthodontic needs could benefit from Fastbraces®.

This system has proven to be effective at treating these common issues:

Crowding — If your teeth are too close together, they can be uncomfortable and be more difficult to keep clean.

High canines — If your canines (the pointier teeth also known as “eye teeth”) came in too high, Fastbraces® can move them in line where they should be.

Crossbite — This occurs when one or more of your upper teeth are inside your lower teeth when you bit.

Spacing — If you have wide gaps between some of your teeth, Fastbraces® can give you more uniform spacing.

Overbite — If your top front teeth project out further than they should, Fastbraces® can pull them back into better alignment.

Open bite — This occurs when your upper and lower front teeth don’t touch when you close your bite.

One added benefit of wearing Fastbraces® is that you are less likely to experience root resorption than with traditional braces. Root resorption is the shortening of the roots of your teeth.

One of many options

While Fastbraces® are a great orthodontic solution to many problems, you may find another service works better.

Our dental staff will be glad to meet with your for a free consultation. We can discuss the different options we offer and come up with a plan that suits your needs and your budget.

In addition to Fastbraces® and traditional braces, we also offer Invisalign (which uses clear plastic trays) and clear ceramic braces, both of which are less noticeable than other orthodontics.

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