Fastbraces® In The Bluegrass | Lexington, KY

We sincerely hope that your new year is off to a great start so far. If you are too embarrassed to enjoy all the winter outings that this fun-filled season brings, our Lexington, KY dentist’s office would love to help you improve the appearance of your smile, and your quality of life in general.

You see, times have certainly changed for the better when it comes to orthodontic solutions for adults. Thankfully, the era has passed when your only option was waiting 2-3 years for a classic set of metal braces to straighten things out.

With Fastbraces® we can get you great results in a fraction of the time. Keep reading today’s post to hear all about this wonderful treatment and then be sure to follow up with our Bluegrass-based team to schedule your consultation with Dr. Takacs. We’ll give you plenty to smile about in 2017!

What’s The Deal With Fastbraces®?

If you are fed up with feeling self-conscious about the gaps or crowding or crookedness that characterize your smile, or you are too old to put up with the long-term hassles of traditional braces, you are in luck.

The Fastbraces® method just might be the cure for all your smile woes. As the branding suggests, Fastbraces® are engineered to quickly move your settled and stubborn teeth into a more pleasing placement.

Here’s what everyone wants to know: how does this technique accomplish so much in so little time? Our answer: it takes a fresh approach by changing the structure of the braces themselves to speed up the process of nudging adult teeth into place!

Have you ever really looked at braces? If you didn’t get lost in the labyrinth of metal brackets and wires, you might have noticed a pattern. But we aren’t going to make you guess.

The difference between conventional methods and Fastbraces® is simple: old style braces employ a round wire and square brackets. For many years this has worked well enough to solve most problems, it just drags on longer than most adult patients can stand (2-3 years).

That said, Fastbraces® utilize a triangular bracket and square wire to get the results you want in far less time. This slight alteration gives your braces more moving power, and allows for less force in your mouth.

The huge advantage of Fastbraces® is the reduced treatment time for getting a better-looking smile. Fair warning: this sort of orthodontic treatment can range from a few weeks to about a year, depending on your situation.

But wait, there’s more: this remarkable solution involves far less discomfort than regular braces, so you will have a more pleasant experience during the abbreviated time you are wearing your Fastbraces®. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Make It Happen For You!

All you have to do to get started is contact us online to schedule your consultation in our Lexington, KY dentist’s office. We can make your transformation happen fast! WIth a new year just begun, there couldn’t be a better time to improve your life!