Enjoy New Teeth Quickly With Our Dental Implant Solutions

Living without your teeth can be a real drag. Like many of our patients once did, maybe you’re having to pick and choose from the menu when you go out to eat. Or you’re tired of turning down dinner invitations at friends’ homes because you don’t know if there will be anything served you can eat without embarrassment.

You’re may be tired of having to settle for soup, mashed potatoes, and mushy, bland foods because you simply don’t have the teeth to chew the hearty foods you once enjoyed. Those days could soon be over thanks to the dental experts at Beaumont Family Dentistry.

For three and a half decades, Dr. Patricia Takacs has been helping her patients chew easier and smile with more confidence. Patients come into one of our three convenient Lexington offices without teeth and leave with beautiful and functional teeth ready to take on the world.

One of the best ways we have available to help our patients rebuild their smiles is through our dental implant solutions. Implants have given many, many patients back a gorgeous grin and a strong bite. And with two great quick-turnaround implant options, it’s never been easier and faster to get new teeth!

Understanding Teeth Implants

First, we’ll give you a quick rundown on what dental implants are, in case you’re not familiar with them. Teeth implants are small metal posts that Dr. Takacs or another of our skilled dentists will insert into your jawbone.

They are usually made from medical-grade titanium because your body accepts the implants as part of itself and new bone material will actually begin to grow around and fuse with your implants. Thus, the implants form a sturdy and durable base for your new replacement teeth. Your dental implants should last you a lifetime without needing any special care or maintenance.

For most implant cases, a healing time of several months is required, allowing proper fusion of the implants with your bone. During this time, you’ll be without your teeth. However, Beaumont Family Dentist offers you two great dental implant options that allow you to receive your new teeth much quicker, in just one or two days rather than months.

Our patients love these services because these quick treatments mean they can get back to a normal routine with their mealtimes and enjoy a bright, confident smile quicker. We outline these two fantastic services below.

Get Your Implants & New Teeth in a Single Appointment

We have helped many patients achieve beautiful smiles and a strong bite with our same-day smile service. This treatment is innovative because we use mini dental implants instead of standard-sized ones.

Mini implants are similar in design to their larger counterparts, except considerably smaller. This means two things for you. First, they require less healthy bone material to bond with so if you have suffered from bone deterioration due to missing teeth, minis will probably work for you.

Secondly, because of their small size, your healing time will be much quicker, allowing us to go ahead and secure new teeth to your implants the same day. You’ll walk into our office without any teeth and leave later in the day with a new set of implants and a provisional (temporary) set of fully functional dentures. You’ll use these new teeth while your final restorations are being crafted by our lab partner.

You’ll never have to be without your teeth again! You’ll enjoy brand-new menu options like hearty steaks and chops, crunchy vegetables, and corn-on-the-cob. Gone will be the days of settling for a bland, tasteless diet of foods that require little or no chewing. With the same-day smile service, your quality of life will take a definite turn for the better!

Teeth Tomorrow ® Means New Teeth in Just Two Appointments

Even with the versatility that mini dental implants offer, many of our patients may not be a good candidate for them. That’s why we offer another quick dental implant treatment using the Teeth Tomorrow ® procedure. After your initial consultation, you’ll be enjoying gorgeous, functional teeth that are so life-like, no one will guess they’re not your natural teeth.

One of the secrets to this innovative treatment is in the leading-edge tools we’ll use to plan your implant procedure. Our dentist will precisely place your implants to give your new teeth optimum stability and comfort.

When it’s time for your procedure, we’ll insert your implants into your jawbone, then you’ll return home to get a good night’s rest. The following day, we’ll attach full arches of temporary teeth to your implants. You’ll be able to use them right away to enjoy all the foods you’ve been missing out on. Plus, you’ll enjoy the confidence of a whole, healthy smile again.

You’ll wear these temporary teeth for three to six months, after which you’ll return to have your final restorations placed. They will be crafted from a single block of beautiful, life-like Prettau ® Zirconia.

Your final restorations won’t need any special care – just regular brushing and routine checkups at one of our three convenient locations. You won’t even have to floss them because the zirconia won’t attract plaque, stains, or odors! Getting new teeth has never been simpler.

Plus, with either of our two quick dental implant options, you’ll have the added benefit of jawbone preservation. When you lose teeth, the bone in that area will naturally begin to deteriorate because there is no longer a tooth root in place to stimulate it.

Because dental implants function as replacement tooth roots, the pressure of normal biting and chewing stimulates the bone to produce new bone cells. This helps keep your jawbone healthy and your facial structure intact. You won’t have to worry about developing a “sunken-face” look that can make you look years older than you actually are.

Dental implants create a win-win situation by giving you back your teeth and helping you look younger at the same time!

To find out more about our quick dental implant solutions, call one of our Lexington locations today. A friendly team member will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a consultation for you.