Cosmetic Dentistry: Start With A Vision, End With A New Smile [BLOG]

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Like any dream you have for your life, it has to begin with a vision.

You have to see yourself living that dream out to give it power, energy, and momentum.

It’s just like the first steps in getting your dream smile. It has to start with a vision, which is why your initial consultation in our Lexington, KY dental office is so valuable!

It’s your chance to talk to us about what it is that makes you so unhappy or embarrassed about your teeth, gums, or smile in general.

You can list all the characteristics you imagine for your new and improved smile, from color to shape to size to position.

Then we’ll help you explore all the possibilities for putting that vision to work with our wide-ranging cosmetic dental treatments!

Carry Your Vision Out With Cosmetic Dentistry

You need to trust an experienced dentist who can direct you toward the cosmetic treatment, or treatments, that will turn your dream smile into your new reality.

Here are a few cosmetic dentistry options patients often prefer at Beaumont Family Dentistry:

*Whiter Teeth*

This is quite simple, but it can make a significant difference in how you look and feel.

Teeth whitening is the top-requested cosmetic dentistry service among dental patients in the country, which speaks to how common it is to notice a dark, discolored, or dingy tint to your teeth after enough time has gone by.

Professional treatment is key if you want noticeable results and safe application.

*Reshaped, Refreshed Teeth*

A tooth that’s too long, too pointy, or that’s slightly turned inward or out too far… none of these seem like a huge deal on their own, but just one problem tooth can be enough to crush your smile confidence.

With tooth contouring and bonding, you can smooth over rough spots and edges, damaged tooth enamel, and misshapen teeth for a new and improved smile!

*A Balanced Smile*

Teeth that are overwhelmed by extra gum tissue will make your smile look out of balance. The gums will steal all the attention away from your teeth, which are covered up and appear disproportionately small.

Gum reshaping relies on a dental laser to gently and painlessly remove all the excess tissue, move your gumline where it’s supposed to be, and make your smile look more balanced.

*A Complete Transformation*

Too many dental flaws to fix in just one treatment?

Maybe that were possible in the past, but now dental veneers are a one-stop cosmetic smile transformation. From stains, to damage, to gaps, to years of wear, dental veneers can hide it all using lifelike porcelain shells bonded to your teeth for a shining, flawless smile!

Schedule A Consultation!

None of this will happen until you make the decision to explore your options in a one-on-one consultation at Beaumont Family Dentistry.

We’ll talk to you about what you’d like to change, determine the vision for your new smile, and then begin the cosmetic dentistry process to make it happen!

Get started today! Call 859-223-2120 or contact us online to request an appointment in one of our Lexington, KY locations.