CEREC Crowns Save Time & Smiles

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If you made a list of things that you wanted to do in your free time, what would be on that list?

Spending time with your family? Watching a movie or a sporting event? Visiting your friends? Getting some exercise?

How many of you would include going to the dentist? We are guessing very few if any of you consider dental visits to be a recreational activity.

As much as we love what we do, the staff at Beaumont Family Dentistry also realize that most people come to the dentist because they know they should and sometimes because they have to due to an oral problem, such as a chipped or cracked tooth.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a dental crown, would you prefer to take care of it today in one of our three dentist offices in Lexington or would you rather spread out that process over two trips to some other dental practices?

Making Same-Day Crowns

Whenever a patient needs any dental service, we try to provide that care or that treatment in a timely fashion.

Understandably, some treatments take more time than others, but dental crowns are something we prefer to finish in a single visit whenever possible.

we are able to make dental crowns in a single appointment because of our on-site CEREC milling machines. Indeed, 90 percent of the crowns we make are CEREC crowns.

CEREC is an abbreviation for ceramic restoration, and this innovative technology allows us to restore your smile faster than many other practices.

Instead of placing an order with a laboratory, waiting for them to make your crown, and then having you return to have the crown placed, we can handle each step in our office.

The milling machine reshapes a block of porcelain into the shape of a tooth.

The porcelain can be made to match the color of the other teeth in your mouth. It’s also strong enough to function like a real tooth, which means you can continue eating the foods that you enjoy eating.

Why Would You Need A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are an invaluable tool in the dentist’s toolbox of treatments. We like them because they can be used to fix several problems can arise with your teeth.

Here are some of the ways we have used our same-day crowns to fix teeth faster for our patients:

▶︎ Repairing A Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth aren’t fun. They can develop as a result of clenching or grinding your teeth together. Cracks can occur if you have had a large filling in your mouth.

Depending on the size, depth, and location of the crack, a dental crown can be an excellent way to repair the damage that has been done.

By removing the part of your tooth that has been weakened by the crack, we can create the support where we can bond a dental crown in its place. This will protect what’s left of your natural tooth and preserve the appearance of your smile.

▶︎ Fixing Chipped And Broken Teeth

Accidents and injuries may leave one or more of your teeth missing something. If this happens, call us so we can see you as soon as possible.

As with the cracked tooth, we can reshape what’s left of your healthy tooth into an abutment. Before you leave, we will be able to bond your dental crown where it belongs in most instances.

▶︎ Correcting Misshapen Teeth

In many instances, dental crowns are used for restorative purposes, but they can have cosmetic benefits as well.

If you have a tooth that didn’t develop as it should have, this can affect the appearance of your smile and how well that tooth functions. A dental crown can be used the replace the oddly shaped natural crown to give you smile a less distracting look.

▶︎ Addressing Tooth Decay

Cavities happen, and when a filling won’t be enough to fix the problem, you can get a dental crown instead.

The first step is removing the decayed parts of your tooth so the problem will not persist. Then we can reform your tooth to receive a dental crown. When it’s ready, your tooth will look as good or better than it ever has.

Same-Day Service

If you ever find yourself in need of a dental crown, you deserve to get it as soon as you can. You can get a crown in a single visit to any Beaumont Family Dentistry office in Lexington.

If you would like to learn more or you are ready to make an appointment to get a dental crown, please call us or fill out our online form today.