Bite Into Thanksgiving Dinner With CEREC Dental Crowns! [BLOG]

What a blessing it is to have strong, healthy teeth that work like they should.

It’s something we usually don’t even think about until something goes wrong, and now’s definitely not the time for you to be dealing with a toothache, cavities, and other problems that make it difficult or painful to eat!

Your friends at Beaumont Family Dentistry want to help you get the most out of the upcoming holidays by restoring your decayed or damaged teeth with CEREC same-day dental crowns.

We can use this innovative technology to create permanent restorations in a single appointment so the dental problem you’re facing will soon be behind you and you can look ahead to a season of feasts and fun!

Fix Teeth Fast With CEREC Dental Crowns!

Here’s what you get back when you visit our Lexington dentist for durable, natural-looking CEREC same-day dental crowns:

*Your Bite*

Do we really need to say much more about this one?

Probably not, but just in case you didn’t know, Thanksgiving is on the way, and teeth that work the way they’re supposed to are a must!

We can restore your strong bite with a brand new dental crown in only one quick trip to the dentist office so you can eat anything you want on Turkey Day!

*Your Smile*

Tooth decay, cavities, cracked, broken, or missing teeth… these aren’t just oral health issues.

They impact your emotional wellbeing just as profoundly as they do your physical health. No one wants to mix and mingle if they’re afraid people will notice their damaged, unhealthy teeth.

But during holidays, you can’t really skip social functions, so instead, you’re worrying the whole time about keeping your lips pressed together or covering your mouth when you speak or laugh to avoid the embarrassment.

Restoring your teeth is as much a cosmetic solution as anything else, and we will make sure your smile looks bright and healthy as a result.

*Your Confidence*

There won’t be much chance to avoid cameras around the holidays.

Come to think of it, smartphones make it impossible to avoid having your picture taken any day of the year! It can be stressful when you feel self-conscious about your smile.

Our dental crowns and other restorative treatments are designed with your appearance in mind, so you can count on having strong, healthy teeth again that work the way they should and look natural and beautiful at the same time!

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Nobody wants to deal with dental pain or a damaged smile any day of the year, let alone at Thanksgiving!

With our CEREC technology, we can restore your smile faster than ever. In a single appointment, we can design, create, and place your permanent dental crown so you can get right back to your Thanksgiving preparations and look forward to enjoying the finest feast of the year without painful dental problems!

Give us a call or visit us online to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient Lexington locations.