Fastbraces® Vs. Invisalign | Lexington, KY

We can’t wait to see your smiling face in 2017. But if you have an unruly collection of teeth, you may not feel much like smiling. Don’t worry, we can help with that, too! If your smile could benefit from an orthodontic realignment, but you consider yourself too old for ordinary braces, there is still hope. In fact, at our Lexington, KY dentist’s office, we actually have two great hassle-free orthodontic treatment programs (designed with adults in mind) that won’t require a huge investment of time.

Today, we’d like to explore the two, and then we can decide together ,during your consultation with Dr. Takacs, which one makes the most sense for your current situation.


First there is Fastbraces®. This system was engineered to quickly move settled adult teeth that have wandered into less than perfect spots in your mouth. This solution takes a unique approach by changing the structure of the actual braces to better suit the job of shifting stubborn adult teeth.

Whereas conventional braces rely on round wires and square brackets, Fastbraces® actually use a triangular bracket and square wire to get the desired results. This subtle alteration gives the braces more moving power, and allows for less brute force to be placed on your teeth.

This method of short-term orthodontic treatment can range from several weeks to about a year, depending on the extent of your problems. But that’s still going to be better than wearing standard braces.

Plus, this new and improved technique involves much less pain and discomfort than traditional braces, so you will have a more comfortable experience during the abbreviated time you are receiving treatment.

They work faster, more efficiently, AND they are cheaper than regular braces! It doesn’t get much better than that! It could be just the solution you’ve been looking for!


Of course, there is also Invisalign, a fantastic program that re-wrote the rules of what an orthodontic treatment should look like.

There won’t be any bright shiny metal to worry about. This is a system that relies on clear plastic aligners to make the magic happen. They are virtually invisible, so no one will know what you are up to, unless you want to clue them in. That will eliminate unwanted questions, nicknames, and so forth from family, friends, and coworkers.

Another nice thing about Invisalign is that you won’t be stuck in your gear for the duration of your transformation. The aligners are are removable which means you can eat whatever you want and cleaning is a breeze. There won’t be any dietary restrictions or weird tools to carry around.

You simply switch the aligners out on your own every two weeks instead of visiting the orthodontist for adjustments. You will love that Invisalign gear is smooth and comfortable, there won’t be any bleeding, sores or discomfort.

The results are stunning. And treatment generally wraps up in only about a year.

Either Way You Win!

We hope you have been inspired by today’s post to take the next step towards a better smile. Contact us now to get started!