3 Ways To Enhance Your Smile This Spring

Tooth-Colored Fillings 3 | Lexington, KY - Beaumont Family Dentistry

Spring is officially here, so before your social calendar fills up, make sure your smile looks its best!

Our cosmetic dentistry services in Lexington cover a broad range of treatments to suit your needs, timeline, and budget. And not all cosmetic issues with your teeth need a long, costly procedure.

So today, we’re sharing three simple, cost-effective treatments, any of which could enhance your smile and give you a quick confidence boost:


  1. Replace Old Fillings – In many cases, patients will have dark silver fillings from cavities treated years ago that show when they smile. We can replace them with tooth-colored fillings that blend right in for a brighter smile.
  2. Whiten Your Teeth – Nothing beats a radiant smile! Our teeth whitening products will out-sparkle anything you’ll find in a drugstore, and your custom trays will keep your teeth and gums safer during application and provide more even coverage and results.
  3. Reshape Your Gums – If your teeth look too small, it could be due to extra gum tissue. A gummy smile can be painlessly and quickly corrected with a dental laser that balances your smile.


There are many more smile-enhancing treatments to explore! To find the right one for you, call Beaumont Family Dentistry today for an appointment or visit us online.