Three Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment FAQs | Lexington, KY

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FAQ #1: Can I brighten my badly stained teeth?

A: YES! Yellow or otherwise off-color teeth can be significantly brightened with a professional teeth whitening treatment from our Lexington, KY dentist’s office! Dr. Takacs is happy to provide our patients with the powerful KöR whitening system. To schedule your smile makeover consultation appointment, contact us right away!

FAQ#2: Is an ugly silver filling the only way to fix tooth decay?

A: Not at all! Since our leader, Dr. Takacs, is a respected cosmetic dentist, we have a better solution in mind for you: tooth-colored fillings. You see, here at Beaumont Family Dentistry, we use metal-free, composite fillings to repair cavities without a trace. Just call one of our convenient Lexington, KY locations today to get started! Hamburg: 859-554-1612, Leestown: 859-554-4049, Beaumont: 859-554-1772!

FAQ#3: What can I do about a chipped tooth?

A: With dental bonding we can affix a tooth-colored material directly to the area in question to correct your smile. Our Lexington, KY dentist’s office also offers low-prep and no-prep veneers that can give you the perfect cover-up for your smile woes. Schedule your next visit with Dr. Takacs to get started!