Invisalign Teen Can Change A Young Life Forever

If you and your teenager have been talking about braces, you likely both have concerns about the whole affair. On your end, you know it’s going to be a significant investment of money, and your teen is wise enough to know that it’s going to require a commitment of time and that there will be sacrifices along the way. But here’s some good news: you have several good options, unlike in earlier eras of dentistry. In fact, your teen is coming of age at a time when he or she may not need to wear traditional metal braces at all as part of his or her orthodontic treatment plan. That’s why, before you make any drastic decisions, we’d like to invite you talk to one of our dentists at any Beaumont Family Dentistry location in Lexington, KY. We will be happy to assess your teenager’s situation and determine whether or not Invisalign® is the best bet for them. Keep reading to hear some the advantages of this program, and then contact us to get started!

Braces Without Brackets

We’ll be the first to tell you that classic braces still get the job done. It’s why we offer them as an option, but we also know that wearing brackets and wires are your teeth isn’t the most pleasant experience. Some people find that the brackets scratch, and if a wire breaks, it can poke your child in the lips, cheeks, or gums. There will sometimes be mouth sores and bleeding as a result of the treatment.

A Clear Alternative

No one will gawk at you with Invisalign because this program uses transparent aligners, which are virtually invisible while your teen is wearing them.

It Is Every Bit As Effective

It goes without saying that we wouldn’t recommend Invisalign if we didn’t think it worked. Truth be told, we’ve seen it work time and time again for adults and teenagers with mild to moderate alignment problems and bite issues. Just so you know: Invisalign may not work on the most severe cases, but that’s why we have you in for a consultation first!

The Convenience Factor Is Huge

If you get regular old braces, you will be left wearing them 24 hours a day, every day, until your treatment is over in 2-3 years. By contrast, with Invisalign, your teen will need to wear his or her aligners most of the time, but he or she can remove them for a couple hours per day without setting back the timetable for completion.

No Dietary Restrictions

Your teen won’t have to give up fun treats like popcorn at the movies or other chewy or crunchy foods that could get caught between his or her braces and teeth. Instead, he or she just removes his or her aligners when it’s time to eat. It’s as simple as that.

You Can Monitor The Process

There is actually a compliance indicator built in so that you can make sure your teen is holding up their part of the deal.

You Can Get Replacements

You will get six free replacements aligners as part of the Invisalign Teen service in case any get lost during treatment.

We Are An Invisalign Premier Provider

Your mouth will be in good hands with us, so to speak. That’s because our leader, Dr. Takacs, has earned the distinction of being an Invisalign Premier Provider. Why not see what we can do for you? All you have to do is contact us online to get started!