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Hello out there! How has your summer been going so far? We hope that it is off to a good start and that you have had plenty of reasons to smile! If you have been reluctant to do so on account of yellow, stained, or discolored teeth, the team here at Beaumont Family Dentistry can help. Keep reading to find out more about the teeth whitening possibilities, and then be sure to schedule your cosmetic dentistry assessment with Dr. Takacs. One way or another, we’ll take your smile where it needs to go.

Don’t Do It Yourself

You aren’t a dentist, at least that’s what we are assuming, and so you won’t have had the years of training that your dentist has had in the realm of cosmetic dentistry. So, why would you expect to be able to execute an important procedure all by yourself, without any direction from an oral health professional. Besides that, most DIY teeth whitening kits are slow to work, when they work at all. They can take months to get you the results we can accomplish immediately at Beaumont Family Dentistry. What’s more, these poorly planned solutions are not good for your health. That’s because they are manufactured with one-size-fits-all trays, which can create some real problems. These generic trays are most harmful because they can not be properly fitted in your mouth. Accordingly, they may well expose your gums to the dangerous whitening products that are fine for your teeth but not so good for your soft tissues. The bottom line is that you should not waste your time and money (and jeopardize your health) when there is professional help available.

Trust Your Dentist To Do It Right

We take a different approach to teeth whitening at Beaumont Family Dentistry. And it shows! Your teeth can be brightened immediately here with our very effective KöR teeth whitening system. The major benefit to having office-guided teeth whitening is the use of our custom-designed whitening trays. We craft these trays from impressions of your own teeth, so you can trust that they are going to be an exact fit. This ensures that the whitening solution is staying exactly where it needs to be and won’t be able to harm your gums. We can also make sure that the process is happening correctly so that your teeth get the full whitening effect without any adverse side-effects. We genuinely want to help you improve the appearance of your smile but not at the expense of your oral health. Overuse of whitening can cause your tooth enamel to weaken and, as we already stated, it can damage your gums. By allowing our office to guide your whitening treatment, you can be confident that you are on the way to the results you want.

You Make The Call!

Professional teeth whitening is easy, safe, and effective at our Lexington, KY dentist’s office! Contact us online now to get started! Or call us instead! Hamburg: 859-554-1612, Leestown: 859-554-4049, Beaumont: 859-554-1772!