Creating Your Preventive Dentistry Routine

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It’s no big secret that if you want to stay healthy and happy (in regards to oral health), it requires a lot of work on your part at home as well as some foresight in scheduling regular trips to the dentist. In today’s post, we want to talk about the importance of creating excellent hygiene routines, and sticking to them. Keep reading, and then be sure to get in touch with our Lexington, KY dentist’s office to schedule your next preventive dentistry appointment with Dr. Takacs!

Start The Day With A Better Smile

Why not begin your day by brushing your teeth for at least two minutes.

Don’t wait until after you eat. Seriously. If you’ve been brushing after breakfast you could actually be doing more harm than good. It sounds counterintuitive, but it is the reality. You see, plaque acids from food actually soften the enamel, and something as gentle as brushing your teeth can scrape and damage it. You will want to wait at least 30 minutes between eating and brushing!

Still, you might want to head off to work with a fresh-feeling mouth. Rinsing is a great way to achieve that, especially with a fluoride-fortified mouthwash.

Over the course of the day, you will want to drink plenty of water, and watch what you put into your body. Got it? Good!

Evening Habits Are As Important

We know that it can be overwhelming to try and keep up with a busy schedule at work, school, etc. You probably deserve to take it easy in the evening. But after dinner, as you begin to wind down and get closer and closer to bedtime, make sure you haven’t eaten anything inside of a half hour or so, because you don’t want to brush a mouth full of plaque acid! Then brush your pearly whites one more time.

Then, find the floss. Flossing is essential to your oral health because it goes places your toothbrush can’t get to. The spaces between your teeth are some of the most sensitive spots in your mouth, and if you don’t keep them clean gum disease and cavities are going to soon pop up in places you can’t detect. No one wants that for you.

Plan Your Six Month Checkups In Advance

Of course brushing and flossing are essential for preserving the health of your smile, but these things must be done in conjunction with professional preventive dentistry exams. Finding a dentist you can trust to keep up with your ever-evolving needs will be the key to keeping your smile intact.

Expect to come see us at Beaumont Family Dentistry every six months for a thorough checkup. This will allow your teeth and gums stay healthy at every stage of life. We will give you a professional-grade cleaning, offer suggestions for further prevention (sealants, fluoride varnishes, mouthguards), and we can even screen you for any emerging issues.

Start Your Routine Today!

Whether you need an appointment or have questions about preventive dentistry in Lexington, KY, you can contact us now to get started!