Laser Tongue Tie & Lip Tie Correction Made Easy

Dr. Patricia Takacs 1 | Beaumont Family Dentistry

In our last post, we talked about infants who have trouble nursing, and what can be done about it. We wanted to follow that up with a brief informational clip from Dr. Takacs, detailing a service that you won’t find at every Lexington, KY area dentist’s office: laser tongue tie and lip tie correction. This is one of our specialties. So, after you’ve watched the video, be sure to get in touch with our team to schedule a consultation at Beaumont Family Dentistry. We’ll get you and your baby smiling big in no time! Just call one of our convenient Bluegrass locations today! Hamburg: 859-554-1612, Leestown: 859-554-4049, Beaumont: 859-554-1772!