Remove Infection From Teeth With Root Canals in Lexington, KY

Many patients fear root canals more than any other dental procedure. You shouldn’t, though. In truth, it is a fairly simple procedure that relieves root canal pain caused by an infection inside your tooth. In our Lexington office, there’s nothing to fear because:

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  • Several of our dentists have advanced training in endodontics, a dental specialty focused on treating issues related to the pulp inside teeth.
  • We use rotary endodontics, electric tools that make the process faster and more precise and eliminate unpleasant noise.
  • You can choose from three kinds of dental sedation, so you’ll remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure.

If you have a toothache and suspect you may need a root canal procedure, call Beaumont Family Dentistry at 859-554-1772 for new patients, or call at 859-223-2120 for existing patients.

Get a Root Canal Procedure in a Single Visit

Chances are, you’ll be surprised by how simple a root canal procedure can be. After your dentist numbs the area with a local anesthetic, he or she will create a small hole on the surface of your tooth. The infected dental pulp is removed through this small opening, then the root canals inside your tooth are disinfected. The final steps are adding a material called gutta-percha to fill the gap left by the removed pulp, and sealing your teeth to protect from further infection.

We may recommend placing a dental crown on the tooth as a final step to restore it. You can even get your crown on the same day as the root canal, thanks to our CEREC technology. Once your crown is fitted, your tooth can no longer feel pain and is free from infection.

Relax With Dental Sedation If You Need It

With local anesthesia and rotary endodontics, you’ll experience little if any discomfort with root canal therapy. However, if you’re nervous about the procedure or worried about pain, you can choose from three kinds of sedation:

  • Inhaled Sedation – Also called laughing gas, this takes effect quickly and wears off fast too.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – This sedation will relax you enough that you may even doze off during treatment.
  • IV Sedation – This creates a sleep-like state, so it works well for complicated or lengthy procedures.

Root canals don’t have to be a big deal. Call 859-554-1772 for new patients, or call 859-223-2120 for existing patients for stress-free treatment. Our Lexington office is conveniently located near Fayette Mall.

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