Why Choose Us

I believe what sets Beaumont Family Dentistry apart from the other dental offices anywhere is that we provide the service that the patient wants. We provide it in a comfortable environment, we provide it with skilled doctors and skilled team members so they feel like they’re always in the best of hands. I believe this goes back to continuing education on how important that is for my doctor’s to have it, for my assistants, my hygienists and even the front office team.

Continuing education is very important so that they can provide either the answers to the questions the patient asks or the skills to accomplish what they need to have done. With comprehensive dentistry, with periodontal treatment that we can provide here, with the ability to place implants and rebuild a patient’s total mouth so that they can function, that’s important.

Choosing a dental practice for your family can be a difficult process. To make it easier, we have outlined all of the qualities that we think make our practice unique. Below you will find some of the reasons our patients return again and again to Beaumont Family Dentistry for all of their oral health care needs.

Our offices are equipped with the latest technology, and we even have a special practice dedicated to diagnosing and treating TMJ issues and sleep apnea problems, TMJ and Sleep Dentistry Center of Central Kentucky LLC.

We Put Our Patients First

Wonderful staff. I guess I must be prejudice but they are a good group of girls and they just do well together. What makes me so pleased, is often times I hear laughter in the back operatories or on the other side in the operatories and I think, “That sounds good.” You don’t often go into a dental or a medical office and find people, particularly a dentists office, laughing and having seemingly they have a good time or enjoying their visit with us. It’s just all because of the girls, because of the staff that we have.

I send out welcome letters to new patients. I send out thank you letters to patients who have referred patients to us, also birthday cards, welcome cards to little children. They are different from the ones I will send to their mom or dad. In those welcome letters I will put in the doctors business card so that they have availability to have the business card if they should need to call or see us, so they know where we are and our number. The most rewarding part, I would say, is the patients. That’s another thing that I do as well, is just visit with the patients if I see that there’s a need for that.

Sometimes a patient will be sitting out in the waiting room for a while and I won’t know whether they’re waiting to be seen or whether they’re waiting for a family member. I will go out and talk to them, greet them, help them, and find out why they’re waiting so long. If they’re waiting for a patient that is being seen in surgery, for instance, I’ll just see if there’s anything I can do for them. They always seem to be very happy, everybody’s got a smile on their face and they seem to be very happy with what they’re doing. I think the patients feel that, they see that.

When they come in or when they see the assistants, or the hygienist, there’s always something there that they see that maybe they don’t see someplace else.

At Beaumont Family Dentistry, our patients are our priority. That means we do whatever we can to make getting the care they need as simple as possible. Our convenient office hours and easy payment options eliminate the hassle that you might find in other dental offices. We also offer an after-hours contact number, so you can always reach one of our doctors in case of an emergency. We also offer comfort options such as professional hand and arm massages, dental sedation, refreshments, and more. We pride ourselves on listening to our patients and providing them with the solutions necessary for a better experience.

We Employ the Latest in Dental Technology

All three of our convenient locations are equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology. We employ the use of CEREC same-day crown technology, a CT scanner, rotary endodontic technology, and laser dentistry. We utilize these high-tech options in order to provide the best quality care to our patients. Our team is highly trained in using this equipment to get you the results you desire. We employ these technologies just for you; we want you to get the fastest, most accurate, and most comfortable results possible.

We Provide Top-Notch Dental and Orthodontic Services

Our doctors are highly trained to provide the best quality of treatment possible to our patients. In fact, all of our doctors have gone above and beyond what is required to practice dentistry. We focus on continuing our education in order to keep up with the most modern techniques and practices in the field. This additional training allows us to offer above-average care to our patients.

Though my family dentistry is a family practice … We started out that way in the very beginning. I felt like … We see kids as young as two and often times younger. We’ve even gone into nursing homes or had patients from nursing homes come here to have their dental care done. In that sense, it is a family practice. I’ve had patients still 33 years later that I saw in 1983 when I first got out, so thirty two years later. That’s what’s really neat about it. Mom and dad have come and then the kids have come with their children and it makes that environment just that much more special to me because people continue to refer and continue to come in and bring their friends and family.

That sets us apart. Plus I think the fact that my kids are here now. Both my children are my associates. My mom is here and she actually makes the coffee and she makes the cookies and she does care calls and she’s just very important on that internal marketing part that I think a lot of people don’t take advantage of.

We have massage therapists here that provide a little bit different comfort level than most offices do. There’s just so many things that I think makes us a family practice. We’re not a niche. We’re not a cosmetic. We do all that. I feel like people need to understand that you can get your best dental care here in a family environment and then still if you want to have braces or if you want to have that beautiful smile, we can provide that as well.

We work hard to make sure you are satisfied with the care you receive at Beaumont Family Dentistry. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, please contact our office. We can be reached by phone or via our online form. A member of our team will be happy to help you set up a date and time for your visit. We can’t wait to help you get the care you need.

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