Donna King

As a child, I had a dental trauma from an accident. Unfortunately, during that treatment period, I did not experience the positive side of dental care. It set a pattern for the future. My solution became to live in fear and regret – even when my teeth were fine. I did not go to the dentist very often. I stayed in denial as I believed that not choosing professional care would not affect my teeth because I always performed daily maintenance. What I truly was blind to was the consequences this would have on both my physical and emotional well being. I did not know how to move out of this paralyzing fear. Two years ago, I found myself (once again) at a dental office that was not proactive. I started to research and discovered the BFD website. One phrase caught my attention – “We are a guilt-free, no-lecture dental office”. That concept encouraged me to call for a consultation. I had new hope that this time would be different, as the woman I spoke with genuinely listened to my challenges. At my consultation, with Dr. G & Kristin, they offered me options. But first, and more importantly, they asked me what I wanted. Seriously? No previous dental office had ever asked me that question. It was then that I knew I was on the right path to a solution. And today? I smile with confidence and am restored with the ability to enjoy eating. Teeth Tomorrow® and their partnership with BFD exhibits a commitment to detail for the individual patient. The fitting is meticulous and looks natural. I am grateful to all the staff at BFD/Hamburg as they support me to become healthy. Hopefully, you will trust in my positive testimonial and give yourself the prospect to move through your fears and to find your solution, too!  –January 2020

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