Clint Forth

Got my life back – TMD Problems

When I first came to Beaumont Family Dentistry I was a complete mess. I had been suffering with major TMD symptoms for over a year. I had nearly every symptom there was. Could barely open my mouth, pain, and many ear symptoms. The ear ringing was terrible. I was totally depressed and miserable. Couldn’t take it anymore and had to get help. After a few months my life is back and I barely have any symptoms now and what I do have is barely noticeable. I hardly clench my teeth at night and if I do it’s nothing like I was doing before. If I hadn’t went to Beaumont I would still be a total mess. Dr. Takacs and Joy know what they are doing and if you are suffering with TMD I strongly encourage you to visit them. Thank you all for getting me back on track!!! I don’t know what I would have done without you all!!!

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